Camel Milk Ghee 150Gms


What makes me different?

The pastoralists of the Thar brings you the hand crafted

Who am I?

The pastoralists of the Thar brings you a uniuqe taste from the Thar of Rajasthan. Bahula products is ethically sourced, responsibly processed and delivered to you 100% pure and unadulterated.

Why go for me?

  • It has greater concentrations of proteins, zinc, potassium, iron, vitamin C, and reduced levels of fats.
  • It also benefits in type 1 and type 2 diabetes treatment and prevention
  • Improve the immune system.
  • Crafted by Artisan of Thar.
  • Controls Diebeties
  • Contains Vitamins and minerals
  • No added emulisfier, sugar, peservatives.
  • Detoxify the body"