Ghee made with Traditional Bilona Love

Camel Milk

Harness the goodness of premium camel milk products brought to you by herders of Thar desert.

A2 Cow Milk

Take your everyday milk quality up a notch with 100% indegenous cow milk products for a better taste and purity

Agri Produce

Stock your essential agricultural products harvested sustainably by farmers of the Thar desert.

Country’s Only Open Access Dairy

  • Community First
  • Sustainability First
  • Quality First

Bahula Naturals

India’s first community pastoral milk brand

A community owned, governed and run brand that birthed in the opportune Thar desert. Bahula echoes the stories and hard work of the farmers – of their coming together and desire to achieve higher through our collective work in sustainable farming and dairying.

Bahula = Plurality

Product Stories

Farm to Table

The direct connections we make between the customers and the producers create an even greater community. The positive mutual benefits this brings for all, and to the earth, underlines the importance and value of our farm-to-table approach.

Eco-Friendly Proceses

We guarantee that every product reaching our customers has followed organic and eco-friendly processes consistently. We work tirelessly to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the value chain to ensure a more positive environmental impact.

Pure And Chemical Free

The products that we prepare organically use both traditional wisdom and modern techniques. Processes are refined according to what will best ensure a quality product for both health and sustainability. Our products have no adulteration, no harmful chemicals and are rich in antioxidants.